About Qomo

Qomo HiteVision LLC, an American company, is a global manufacturer based in Wixom, Michigan. At the global headquarters, Qomo manages and administers sales, marketing, distribution, quality control, product development, product support and customer service. We offer a full line of presentation products and a complete integrated classroom solution. Qomo offer great value and high performance presentation technology products in the Education, Corporate and Government markets.

The name Qomo (pronounced Kómo), is derived from Qomolangma for Mount Everest, the highest place on earth.

About IDCP

IDCP BV is the authorized distributor of Qomo Hitevision in several European countries. IDCP is distributing Qomo Hitevision in UK&Ireland, France, Benelux and Turkey. IDCP holds stock in the Netherlands and operates this multilingual website.

Visit our corporate website for detailed information about IDCP B.V. at www.idcp.nl

Dino-Lite, Digital Microscopes

IDCP is also the European distributor of Dino-Lite, a comprehensive line of digital USB microscopes. Over the last years the Dino-Lite brand has grown into the market leader for digital USB microscopes. The Dino-Lite products are an excellent complement to the Qomo product line. Please visit the multilingual European website at www.dino-lite.eu

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