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Visualisers, what are they and what can they be used for?

A visualiser is a digital presentation and teaching tool. It can display any kind of material such as photographs, books and 3D objects quickly and easily and provides a high resolution output signal for video and data projectors, monitors, interactive whiteboards or video-conferencing systems.

Early visualisers, or document cameras, were indeed just that. Cameras to display documents. They were first developed to meet the demand to project and present original documents, plans and drawings directly, rather than needing the extensive preparation (specially prepared slides) that would be required when using an overhead projector.

classroomHowever, the description document camera no longer covers the current models. Since those early days document cameras have evolved into digital visualisers with modern connectivity and broadcast options. Because of the present multifunctionality and many special features, the name; Visualisers is now more appropriate. Off course our visualisers are still the best tool for displaying documents as well. But these days they can do much more.

The visualiser is a cost-effective, time-saving, and easy-to-use tool for daily use. There are differences in portability, price and features to suit every need and budget. Your only restriction is your imagination, you will think off new way to use the camera every day.

Typical applications and industries for a visualiser include: Use as teaching tool in a classroom, business training sessions, conferences and meetings and medical activities (for example research, telemedicine and remote diagnoses)

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