What are Interactive Panels?

With a Qomo Interactive Panel you are able to annotate and quickly add handwritten comments over running applications, websites and videos. You can then save your notes in various file formats, and while always facing your audience. Some models offer HD capabilities and/or Palm-shield technology which means users can rest their palms while working. A Qomo Interactive Panel truly helps create a dynamic instructional environment.

The KidzTable, an innovative interactive workstation, has multi-touch technology so that 2 persons can write using their fingers at the same time. The multi-touch KidzTable was designed with children in mind, it's padded tabletop and 32" screen, gives students the room and comfort to interact with online resources, educational content as well as games.


  • Finger Touch Writing capability
  • 2 user Multi-Touch Screen
  • Storage Unit with 2 shelves and a lock
  • Padded Table Top (faux leather)

The QOMO QIT30 RF Wireless Tablet is a breakthrough in interactive technology. Because of the fact that the QIT30 uses RF technology, instead of Bluetooth, there is no crossover interference and the instructors can move about freely in the presentation space.


  • Up to 25 hours of continuous cable free operation
  • 16 Programmable macro keys
  • Built-in LCD status indicator panel
  • Works with all QOMO visualisers and firewire applications
  • Export notes & annotations into various file formats

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