The QOMO QIT30 RF Wireless Tablet is a breakthrough in interactive technology. Because of the fact that the QIT30 uses RF technology, instead of Bluetooth, there is no crossover interference and the instructors can move about freely in the presentation space.


  • Up to 25 hours of continuous cable free operation
  • 16 Programmable macro keys
  • Built-in LCD status indicator panel
  • Works with all QOMO visualisers and firewire applications
  • Export notes & annotations into various file formats

The unique rechargeable lithium battery provides for up to 25 hours of cable free operation. Thanks to the 16 programmable keys you have quick access to your favourite apps, files and websites.

Model QIT30


Screen size 0.7"× 1.63"(17.7mm × 40.9mm)
Resolution 2000lpi
Report Rate 120 rps

Technical Data

Pen Pressure 1024 Levels
Macro Key 16 (Top of Active Area)
Hot Key Page up / Page down, Volume Control
LCD Icon Content Battery Status--4 levels charged/connection mode/power status/ volume adjustment indicator/channel indicator
Battery Type Nokia BL5C Li-ion Rechargeable Battery
Battery Capacity                  850Ma
Battery Life 25 hours
Power Source USB Charged / USB Plus Adaptor Charged M3A-020 5V
Pen Requires 1 AAA
Solution Wireless 2.4G RF
Power Consumption                    Max 50 Ma (Operation Mode)


Receiver Dongle slim type (It can be stored into Tablet)
Operating System Microsoft Windows 2000/XP/Vista, 7, MacOX 10.2.8 above
Active Area 7.8" × 5.9" (19.9cm × 15.0cm)
Size 10.9" × 11.1" × 0.8" (27.8cm × 28.2cm × 2cm)
Weight (including the Battery) 612 gram

Package-Download16 QIT30 Quick Guide

Package-Download16 QIT30 Macro Key Manager Quick Guide

Package-Download16 QIT30 Quick Guide Setup Windows XP

Package-Download16 General Troubleshooting Guide

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