With the QRF300 you get a low cost, but high value, addition to your classroom or other place where instant feedback is desired. All responses are automatically collected within seconds and stored in the system, where progress can be monitored and reports generated for individual students or entire classes.


  • Conduct timed quizzes and tests or self-paced exams
  • Reports can be exported in various formats including Word, HTML, PDF, and Excel
  • Individual & group participation modes as well as multiple activity modes
  • Built to withstand daily use in the classroom, each pad is durable, lightweight and compact
  • QClick Sotware provided with units
  • Automatically enter power save mode to maximize battery life

The Qomo QRF300 is the popular entry model of the QClick QRF product line. Teaching with a Student Response unit is an interactive way to get kids more involved in the classes. The remotes can be individualized with ID numbers so data can be stored accordingly. All responses are automatically collected in seconds. Each device also has an LED indicator that confirms student responses and power status. The use of the QRF300 makes teaching easier for the instructor and learning more interactive and fun for the student.

Model QRF300

Technical Data

Communication w/ receiver 2-way Radio Frequency (RF)


Dimensions 10.5 x 4.9 x 1.6 cm
Power 2 AAA Batteries
Power Status / Response Confirmation LED Indicator
Laser Pointer Built-in (Teacher Remote only)
OS Support XP/Vista/7/Mac (Lion & Snow Leopard)
Needed Software Office/Powerpoint. PC: 2003, 2007, 2010. Mac: 2008, 2011.

USB Receiver Specifications

Technology 2.4 GHz RF
Max. nr units per receiver 400
Connection USB

QRF300 Quick Guide

QRF300 User Manual

QRF300 Manual Mac

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